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Desktop PC

Selling the Best Desktop PC Specifications

 The development of technology is increasingly growing rapidly. Computer equipment helps performance and daily activities such as study and work. Computers have many types and types, one of which is a desktop PC. This product is a refinement of a PC computer which of course has been upgraded both hardware and software. Desktop PC consists of 3 main parts, namely monitor, input device (keyboard, mouse) and desktop (contains the main PC components such as CPU, RAM, Motherboard, VGA, etc.). We provide desktop PCs from Apple and Lenovo, which are already well known in Indonesia. Our Desktop PCs are also known as All In One Desktop devices with hardware devices that have been connected to one of the parts such as a monitor.

The price of a desktop PC or an All in One varies depending on brand and specifications. Our products have been widely used by various groups, both students, students and business people who work as employees or offices.

We also provide various other electronic devices with quality and guaranteed quality and affordable prices.

Please contact us for detailed information.

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